Artist’s Note

I consider myself as an raw artist. My subjects are meditation and philosophy, because I think it is the base of human being. There are some rule which can lead us to happy life. Some rules which can help us overcome our physiological problems. Being mentally fit is the most important thing. Once you are mentally fit , you are ready to do any act , you desire.

Meditation clears your mind.

Mind is like disturbed water filled with sand. If you stop moving the water, slowly sand starts to settle down. And finally every particles of sand are settled down, and then you can see clean fresh water. That is meditation.

Meditation is not an activity. Where you need to do some hard work, just sit silent, and wait. Wait till every particle of sand settles down. Waiting is meditation.

Waiting for love, waiting for that special moment when god will shower flowers on you. Let go is the key.

So you may see or experience things when you see my paintings.

-Sumit Ranaware



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