Golden point n balance


You are invited to my solo exhibition “Golden Point & Balance”.

Description :
This is SUmit Ranaware’s 3rd solo show. In this exhibition Sumit has exhibitied his

2-D is subject in Fine Art School in 1st year Called “FOUNDATION”. This subject is ABC of painting or basic of painting. I have exhibited my best 2-D’s in this exhibition.

In 2-D we were not allowed to use human figures , but just forms and shapes. In college I had to follow the rules of the subject. But in my extra work I used to expirement a lot with this subjects. I started using Human figures and many intresting forms or shapes in the subjects. Slowly,  the work started looking as a complete panting. When I showed this work to some of our teachers. I got very good responce from them. They encouraged me to keep expirementing with my work as much as I can. Thus this efforts helps me to devolope my asthetic sense.

This exhibition is about basic paintings.The exhibited work is of acadamcy level.
Golden Point & Balance are the technical words used in fine art. GOlden point is the attractive point in painting and balance is 2nd  attractive point in painting.

Date : 27 August to 11 September 2013.

Timings : 11am to 8pm.

Venue: Meenaxi Art Gallery,
Silver Point,Opp. Ramrajaya Building,Baner Road, Pune – 411045.


Art Revolution 2013 – Paintings, Scluptors, Photography