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Write a song for my Movie

Write a song for my movie and be part of it film.

Send your songs to

Deadline to send song is 14 Feb 2015.

I will post your songs on my film blog.

All the song will be posted on 15 February 2015.
maximum votes to a song will get selected for the movie.

Song Description :
Artist (painter) is sad and depressed with life, lost his hope to become successful. But decides to fight back.
The song should start with the silence and end like a heavy rock metal. The words in song should be inspiring . The artist is angry and confident that he will fight and win, so he is working hard to make better paintings.

Language : Hindi or Marathi.

Song References :
sada haq – rockstar,
fighter-Christina Aguilera,
Vishwaroop – title song,
Survivor – Burning heart (Rocky IV)
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Rocky )
No Easy Way Out ‘ by Robert Tepper-Rocky IV
Dum – tittle song

Details to send with your song:
Full name, where are you from.

Best of luck.Best of luck.Best of luck.Best of luck.Best of luck.

(any doubts please contact on given email id)

Mother n Son – Nature Wonder (Cats)

Mother n Son

I have always noticed them doing same thing , most of the times.
Son…because its a male, he likes to play a lot. I have never seen the mother playing so much. With her son, its fun to watch them playing… with him she’s ,more active.
These are the few moments I manged to capture.
Its their nature, they behave same, sometimes. Its very surprising to watch this live.