Heighest Awekening 

​How can u know u have reached the highest level of awakening?

Question asked by Salman Patel. 

U become more active,  u become lucky,  everything in nature happnes in your favour. 

In heighest awakeing,  u can tell Future. U become like a superhero. 

U listen to music fr the other world.  All enligtent people comes to greet u. To congratulate u.  U become one with nature. 

Ur eyes sight improves, what u see now is low quality. After enlightment u see everything in super HD Quality.  Ur nose becomes highly sensitive,  u smell well. . Because Of this osho could also smell bad smell of people n would become allergic,  so his follwere installed fans before stage,  so osho could not smell bad ordur . 

U become one with nature,  u feel air following…. This i cannot explain,  but i hv felt it. 

Ur body functions well. U become beautiful and acttractive. U voice becomes sweet n melodious.  
People like being with u.  
My father is one of the few people who saw osho live, and attended his Discourse. 
i asked him how did osho looked? 

He answered,  he looked so acttractive with his beautiful eyes as if light was coming out of him.  U cannot explain the beauty of an enlightent man.  He is something u easily fall in love with him. 
Ur words or thinking become very sharp and effective.  U become superman. 

Now no power is above u.  U r the supreme power. 
U understand everything,  why man is sad. U can answer problems of other people. 

U can also help other people become enlightent. 

U r always Happy n excited without any reason. U become fearless. 

U become highly sensitive.  U can create best Art possible, Painting,  music… Etc. 

Now Nothing is impossible for u.  U r the ultimate hero like Buddha, Krishna, Shiva… Etc. 
– Sumit Ranaware.

Vipassana Meditation by Sumit Ranaware 

​There are three methods of vipassana meditation. 

1. Concentrate on nose,  breathing. 

2. Concentrate on chest, its ups n downs. 

3. Concentrate on stomach/ belly,  its ups n downs. 

Focus on Concentration, if u fail,  do not feel sad, try again,  try doing that,  If mind dreams,  dream.  Dont fight with it.  Do not work hard on Concentration,  it might become dangerous,  u might get more unconscious and aggressive.  Too much Concentration leads to aggression.  If u Concentration for 20 mins,  relax for 20 mins. There should b balance. 

Total Concentration will lead u to nowhere.  It will only make u more violent. 

Just like day n night,  white n black….. R opposite…. 

Meditation is also opposite,  awake and relax. 

U should train your Self to b,  clam and awake at same time. 

Enlightenment means three imp things…. 

Awake,  calmness and joy. 

So,  after meditation listen to good music which will fill u with joy. 

Note: daily meditation is imp.  Continuous hammering is must.

.☯ How long to meditate? 

In beginning do for 20 mins. 

Advance stage,  do it for 30 mins  

Expert stage,  1-2 hours.  Do not do for more than 2 hours. 

☯How many days to do it? 

Follow the Table of 3 or 7. 

E. G.  3,6,9,12…etc. Days. 

E.g. 7,14,21,28….etc. Days. 

Shortest experiment is 3 days. 

Longest experiment is 3 months. 

If u feel good,  continue. If u find hard give up,  do some other meditation. 

☯When to do meditation?  

Morning is best. Do not do at night,  u will find it hard to sleep. 

Note : While doing za zen or vipassana .. If u feel sleepy  . That means u r doing right… Because when u start to awake,  mind trys to make u unconscious n makes u fall sleep. If u sleep that means,  mind won.  U should not sleep… U should try to remaining awake….. This means u r no longer controlled by mind.  

. If u keep keep doing this,  one day u will b completely awake..

Any questions…. U can ask. 

– Sumit Ranaware




Buddham Sharnam Gacchami.

22 famous vows by Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar

The famous 22 vows are:
1. I shall have no faith in
Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh
nor shall I worship them.
2. I shall have no faith in Rama
and Krishna who are
believed to be incarnation
of God nor shall I worship
3. I shall have no faith in
‘Gauri’, Ganapati and other
gods and goddesses of
Hindus nor shall I worship
4. I do not believe in the
incarnation of God.
5. I do not and shall not
believe that Lord Buddha
was the incarnation of
Vishnu. I believe this to be
sheer madness and false
6. I shall not perform
‘Shraddha’ nor shall I give
7. I shall not act in a manner
violating the principles and
teachings of the Buddha.
8. I shall not allow any
ceremonies to be performed
by Brahmins.
9. I shall believe in the
equality of man.
10. I shall endeavour to
establish equality.
11. I shall follow the ‘ noble
eightfold path ’ of the
12. I shall follow the
‘paramitas ’ prescribed by
the Buddha.
13. I shall have compassion and
loving kindness for all living
beings and protect them.
14. I shall not steal.
15. I shall not tell lies.
16. I shall not commit carnal
17. I shall not take intoxicants
like liquor, drugs etc.
18. I shall endeavour to follow
the noble eightfold path and
practise compassion and
loving kindness in every day
19. I renounce Hinduism which
is harmful for humanity and
impedes the advancement
and development of
humanity because it is
based on inequality, and
adopt Buddhism as my
20. I firmly believe the Dhamma
of the Buddha is the only
true religion.
21. I believe that I am having a
22. I solemnly declare and
affirm that I shall hereafter
lead my life according to
the principles and teachings
of the Buddha and his

Let It Happen

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Ten Tips for Doing Zazen Meditaton

Zazen (la méditation assise)

Zazen (la méditation assise) (Photo credit: thedayimetu)

Below are ten incredible tips for Zazen Meditation. Hope this may help you to progress rapidly in Zazen Meditation.

1. Devote a Fixed Place – You must ideally set aside a place for your Zazen meditation sessions. The place should be silent and free from distractions. It’s best to lock your room while doing Zazen meditation so that nobody disturbs you.

2. Sit in front of a wall or divider – You must have seen that most Zen meditation center have their students sit facing a wall or a divider. This is to reduce visual distractions. It is easier to concentrate with less visual distractions during Zazen meditation

3. Dim the lights – The ideal light intensity for Zazen meditation is neither too bright nor too dark. If you have a dimmer switch alter the light to a ‘twilight’ level. This helps you from harsh glare and helps you to remain awake.

4. The best time of the day for practicing Zazen meditation – Morning is the best time. Evening is the best time. Night is the best time for Zazen meditation. No. It is actually a matter of your own personal choice. Anytime is good as long as you feel comfortable at that time.

5. How much time to practice? – Start slowly and build up gradually. Fifteen minutes is good, thirty minutes is very good and sixty minutes is excellent. Be consistent with your schedule. Two hours one day and the next few weeks are – oh – I forgot will not help in any way. It’s up to you but my suggestion is that you start with fifteen or twenty minutes daily.

6. Stick to your schedule – As I said before, haphazard sessions of Zazen meditation will not help. You must stick to your schedule. Gradually, you will see that it has become your habit. You will feel good and the benefits of Zazen meditation are enormous.

7. Good ventilation – See to it that your room has good ventilation. Extra oxygen will help you from becoming drowsy and it will help you to remain alert for longer period of time.

8. Empty stomach – Doing Zazen meditation with a full-stomach is not the most effective method in the path to nirvana. Let an hour or two pass after you meals before you sit for meditation.

9. Light exercise before early morning session – If you do Zazen meditation very early in the morning and you sometimes fall asleep. Then walking briskly for a few minutes will help you greatly.

10. Try yoga – Yoga is an excellent compliment to Zazen meditation.