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How to Create a Music Player – Basic


  1. Your need at least one .wav file. If you dont have it. Select any mp3 file and then convert it to .wav. Once you have a .wav file , import that file in your new flash library .
  2. Now create two buttons as “Play” & “Stop”. Instance name as “play_” & “stop_” respectively.
  3. Open the library and right click on the wav file. Select Linkage. Set class as “my_sound_file”.
  1. Goto frame 1 and copy the code:

    // set my_sound_file as : sound.

    var sound:Sound=new my_sound_file();

    var my_channel:SoundChannel;



    play_.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Play_it)

    function Play_it (e:Event){

    // play the sound.

    my_channel =;



    stop_.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, stop_it)

    function stop_it (e:Event){

    // stop the sound.




    5. Test Movie . If every thing works fine , you shall enjoy further advance tutorial.