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Tomorrow’s my B’day

tomorrow’s my b’day lets see, who surprise me. M gonna be at home, Mummy planed puran pulya for me. Bt she suppose to get started from today, Dal need to kept wet to cook it, But she did’nt . Mom and day had fight from a small misunderstanding. Every of my b;day was tense and sad. I dont know why this happnes ? 😦

Lets hope not this time. At least my best friends wish me on fb is enough for me and sending some e-cards 🙂

People i expect me to wish.
Pravin, Jitendra, Snadeep, Swati, Vishkha, Sonali, Cousins bro n sis’s.
I was going to ask someone for a date on my b’day, But she gave up hope on me.
There are only few people important in my life I wish them to wish .
I just checked Mr. Sunil-artist and Artism Art wish me. with an e-card.