“Loveship” Releasing on 5 January 2018

I meet and talked to people fr tv channels and  Producer,  most of them said that,  this film doesn’t have the quality expected. It can’t be shown in theaters. Its better you release on netflix or any other site. I realized its hard. But my last option is atleast let the people know what kind of work I am doing. The efforts put by all actors and me should be made to public. So that people will atleast start talking about us. This film might open more doors of opportunities for others and me. My last hope is “Youtube Release. “


Dracula Untold 2014 – Movie Reviews

☯Dracula Untold 2014 –  Movie Reviews☯

 by Sumit Ranaware 

Imdb.com may give it 6 stars. 

But the film deserves much more than that. 

Great story,  Awesome special Effects. 

Luke Evans is a great actor n a perfect choice for this role. 

Story –  an emperor,  to save his kingdom n his people,  agrees a deal with a devil to turn vampire for 3 days to fight against his enemies  ,  but for 3 days he has to control over his thirst for blood…….   In his struggle to save his family n kingdom, what problems he face and how he solves it,  is the story all about. 

I must say thank u to the makers.  They brought a wonderful n entertaining story. 


U wont be disappointed after spending 2 hours watching this one.  

I give 8.5 /10.