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Dracula Untold 2014 – Movie Reviews

☯Dracula Untold 2014 –  Movie Reviews☯

 by Sumit Ranaware may give it 6 stars. 

But the film deserves much more than that. 

Great story,  Awesome special Effects. 

Luke Evans is a great actor n a perfect choice for this role. 

Story –  an emperor,  to save his kingdom n his people,  agrees a deal with a devil to turn vampire for 3 days to fight against his enemies  ,  but for 3 days he has to control over his thirst for blood…….   In his struggle to save his family n kingdom, what problems he face and how he solves it,  is the story all about. 

I must say thank u to the makers.  They brought a wonderful n entertaining story. 


U wont be disappointed after spending 2 hours watching this one.  

I give 8.5 /10.