Loveship (Marathi Indie Film) 

❤❤❤ Wana Know About Loveship ❤❤❤
❤What is Loveship…. Project all about ?

Loveship is a Marathi Low Budget Film…. Written and Directed by Sumit Ranaware.


❤What is the film about ?

It’s a story of college friends…Ceatan and Anjali.

Who meet after 13 years… Anjali is now a married woman and Ceatan is still single.

What happnes next?

Do they again fall in love or decides to remain good friends because of family problems ?

To know…  Watch “Loveship”.


❤When is it releasing and where?

Film will b Completed in 2 weeks,  before the end of Dec.  2016.

It will released on YouTube with English Subtitles.


❤Why should we watch Loveship ?

1. Its a 2nd Feature Film by Sumit Ranaware made in No Budget.

2. Its a touching lovestory of a middle class couples,  which everyone can relate With.

3. All actors worked for free.

4. To support the work of Budding independent filmmaker and Actors.

5. Total there are 15 to 20 Actors in film.


❤ What are the Cast?  other Actors in Film?


Cast –

Sagar Malthankar,

Kalyani Mahatpurikar – Deshpande,

Ganesh Kotiye,

Shrikant Dhavle,

Prasad Suryawanshi,

Sagar Pawar,

Deepkali Meshram,

Manjiri Karve,

Sahil Maragaje,

Umesh Misal,

Rahul Choudhary,

Sanjay Shelke,

Pratik Yadav,

Prasad Bejgamwar,

Savro Patra,

Shreya Bhave,

Sheetal Patil,

Viraj Pawar,

Sumit Ranaware,

Ganesh Godhake,

Vinod Devang,

Ganesh Patil,

Rahul Tupe.




Download Loveship Catlog –  Marathi.