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Painting competition at Maac 12 Oct. 2012

Painting Competition Organized by Sachin Sir and Vishal D.

Subject was still life. It was fun.
First I was not interested to participate. Was bored at home. Such simple race was not meant for a guy like. It was a child’s play. Competing with de kids. It would have been a lot fun when it would be in Fine arts college with all experts.

For me there is no competition in art, Art is a celebration. Coming together painting and learning new things is main aim of any competition. Honesty speaking I would never participate in any competition. Award does not proofs who’s best n who’s not. These are all baby award.

It doesnt matters how many competition you fail at,  but its very important to win the Ultimate competition. The competition of life, to become a good man. If you win this one, you win everything.

Never compete with anyone, everyone had his own different story, you may not even imagine wht there journey is.