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VBlog – 3 Intro to Storytelling

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Wake Up Call – Jag Jao (Delhi Gang Rape)

I was deeply hurt by the rape incident happened in Delhi.
Wht happened, was sad. I was also shocked when I saw the video , in which a reporter on aaj tak was been harassed .

Its true that such crimes are serious and increasing.
Delhi being the capital of India should have tight security on the streets.

Its a shame on the capital , that such shocking crime happened.

Being a common man I think , there should be a capital punishment for the rapist. They should be given 3rd degree tourchor and should be hanged and showed on the televisions.

We need to set a powerful example so that every man would think of the punishment before the doing such crime.

Sometimes females also does mistakes.
I request all my sister and female friends, return back home before 7:00 pm. In marathi we say ( saath chya aat gharat ).

You are more important than you job’s and other activities.
When someone says you should dress properly, you should listen to them ,  cause they care about you.   Following western culture does;nt make you the best. Staying connected to your culture makes you idol. Wearing salwar kamiz is the best of girl. I am not teaching you how to dress, I am just reminding you wht should Indian girl look like.

Best thing is , Finally Delhi police have caught the accused , which is a great thing. I also salute the police men who caught them.

And the accused are been treating badly by the inmate in Tihar Jail , they are getting punishments by the inmates. This proves that inmates, also somewhere deep down was hurt with this crime.
People make their statement by looking at the incident from one dimension. But…………

This world is multi dimensionally. Never think government is always wrong and we are always right. There are many things that should be studied before,  doing any action .

Doing protest , lighting candles and blaming government is easy.

Alertness and awareness is needed in citizens. We should also focus on ourselves , how can we not get in such situations. And how can we stop such crimes in future.

I would request females , always to carry a small weapon  for self defense.

AND yes the death on damini (fake name). is also a sham, 29 December will be remembered in the future.

ek crime ke sath kai zindagiya badbard hogai, the victims and the rapists too.

so there is a need of high awareness and strict rules. Strict punishment for such crimes.
I pray to god , may there be no such crimes in future.
I pray for a strong prime minister.
I pray for death penalty for rapist,  if victim dies and life sentence if victim lives.
I pray for peacefully nation.
I pray for awareness to stop crimes, in youngsters and citizens.
I pray for wealthy nation.

Art of Expressig Love

From my personal experience, here are some crucial point.


When you plant a seed it takes some time to grow.
So is relationship.
leave  your partners with sweet memories,  these sweet memories will turn into, sweet feelings. And these sweet feelings will turn into warm feelings. Soon then it will turn into love. Its too simple.

Stay Away
Every time you meet and talking is enough. Staying away from partner leads to recognition of importance of that person. Staying away make your partner miss you more.

waiting is more important . Your cant expect your dreams to come true in a month. more slow it is more longer it will last.

Love happens when two people with same amount of craziness meet each other. And they understand their madness. They follow one tune, one music, their dance steps meet perfect and a proper co-ordination in dancing. This happens naturally. This is just like Comet. This happens rarely in a 10 years.

Lessons of life

i know some people are too sensitive.
whom i hurted, and i did felt guilty abt that.
but there was a time when i was hurted ,
n no one came to weap my tears,
or show sympathy, i tried and forgot bad things happen to me,
and i stood up like nothing happened to me.
i learnt to live life n how not to get hurt.
i can’nt help u or weap ur tears, i can only hurt u more.
so that u hate me and avoid me. and u learn to live.
that is how learnt.