“Loveship” Releasing on 5 January 2018

I meet and talked to people fr tv channels and  Producer,  most of them said that,  this film doesn’t have the quality expected. It can’t be shown in theaters. Its better you release on netflix or any other site. I realized its hard. But my last option is atleast let the people know what kind of work I am doing. The efforts put by all actors and me should be made to public. So that people will atleast start talking about us. This film might open more doors of opportunities for others and me. My last hope is “Youtube Release. “


feeling frustrated

feeling frustrated

Got caught in heavy rain, while coming back to home from kondhwa with mom.
my bike got stuck in water, almost half was drawn. And bike’s engine went off.
got full wet.

then finally back home. felling cold n tired. Shivering with cold.
best part was I eat donut after so many months with hot tea. yummy.
praise the lord.

The Bad Side of India.

>be female. >be killed before birth.

>be female. >get on bus >get raped.

>be female >be 5 yrs old >be neighbor >get raped.

>be female >go to cops >get raped or mocked.

>be female >love guy from other religion >be beheaded by own brother.

>be female >ask for a lift home >get raped.

>be female >be student >get molested by teacher

>be cow. >get worshiped.

Welcome to India.

R.I.P. “Nana” – May God Bless His Soul.

may god bless his soul.

Father of my mother. My grandfather.
16 April 2013. Was suffering from throat cancer. Got news at 4 :00 pm.
Was a good n honest man. A loving husband. And a good father.
He worked in Hindustan antibiotics at pimpri.  He worked hard for his family, brought a flat, for his family. He was very strict and disciplined man. He used to help his wife in cooking and looking after house after he got retired. I was not so close to him, but I have feelings for him. He was good human being.

May god bless him. May his soul rest in peace.

My last post about cancer… I sent that link to my aunt. few days ago, it was too late  to start that treatment.

(My last post : Graviola 10,000 times stronger killer of cancer = ram phal)


Wana kill everyone who ever hurts me.

Wana kill everyone who ever hurts me.
Some times its enough, begin calm , n quite, n listening to others, make u more dumb. n losser.
People are worst than animals, animals attack u only when they feel insucure. or are disturbed, but man…. humiliates or harms someone for his own happniess. Man is almost like a devil.”
Some people enjoys hurting other, the worst thing.
Man is a intelligent creature. he often make mistakes.
he made computer , which doesnt makes mistakes , but again we had Y2K problem.
why doesnt man uses his intelligence, in making good relationships with others. Its problem.