Shooting Short Film “Samajik Atankwad”


Shooting Short Film “Samajik Atankwad”.
With Actor Sumit Salunke
Assistant Director – Akashay Sakpal.
Written n Directed by Sumit Ranaware


Film is about a youtuber making videos about exposing corrupted politicians and parties. How he faces consequences from the concerned party . Film is complete . To watch you can request for viewing , by giving us your email Id . We will send you a private link.


Shohrat – the trap (Large Short Film) – Coming Soon


Coming Soon…

Edited by Sumit Ranaware
Directed by Deepak Ramteke .

Planning Shots for Short Film

Planning shots for Short Film “Bhagwan Ko Kisne Maara ?” 

Coming Soon on YouTube. 

I plan shots a day before shooting. 🙂 

It’s not the right way, but it works for me. 

After every short film, I decide to work more details. 

M improving after each film. 

Total 15+ short films so far. 

My Channel : 


Rahul and Sanjay are Natural Actors 

I am proud of these actors. 

Rahul Chaudhary and Sanjay Shelke ..are  Natural actors. 

I don’t hv to work on them. 

They do their homework well. 

They don’t act, they just play with the scene n dialogs. 

I don’t hv to be worried abt how scene will be executed. 

That’s why I love them to cast again n again. 

I Wish them big success. 



(pic. While shooting short film “Bhagwan Ko Kisne Maara”.)

Written n Directed by Sumit Ranaware. 


“Loveship” Releasing on 5 January 2018

I meet and talked to people fr tv channels and  Producer,  most of them said that,  this film doesn’t have the quality expected. It can’t be shown in theaters. Its better you release on netflix or any other site. I realized its hard. But my last option is atleast let the people know what kind of work I am doing. The efforts put by all actors and me should be made to public. So that people will atleast start talking about us. This film might open more doors of opportunities for others and me. My last hope is “Youtube Release. “

Free Softwares for No Budget Filmmakers 

It’s hard to make film in no budget, but some free Softwares can make your work easy.

1. Gimp (Graphic Editor)

Don’t hv money to buy  photoshop use Gimp. A raster based software for Editing photos and creating graphic. Yes you can make your movie posters in it. Best thing abt it is, it can export to psd file. Or it can also open psd files, you can edit as well.

2. Inkscape (Graphic Editor)
It’s an alternative to corel and Illustrator. A vector software. You can create vector images from it, export to png  and use in you film Editing softwares.

3. Hit film 4 Express (Video Editor)
It’s a good combination of premier and After Effects. You can add Effects and edit your film as well. It needs online registration. They will give you a serial key.

4. Audacity (Audio Editor)
An alternative to Adobe Audition. Its free and good to use.

5. Subtitle Edit (Subtitle Editor)
Best software for Subtitle Editing. Can convert many subtitle file formats. It can also translate text to any language.

If you think I hv missed any , plz let me know.

Tu ekch changli film ka nahi banvat ? 

Loka mala mahntat, tu ekch changli film ka nahi banvat ?
Me : Me ekach changli film life madhe banvun kay gappa basu ka ?
Me 10 changlya films banven. Kadachit tyavun jasta changlya films, life time banvat rahnar aahe. Mi tumchya Sarkha chota vichar karat nahi, ekach film ca.

Ha farak aahe tumchyat aani mazhyat.

Loveship Screenshots