The Perfect Portrait – Promo Song



Cast –
Sumit Ranaware, Sagar Malthankar, Dheeraj Khatri, Tejas Shelar, Kshitij Kharat, Sharad Mane, Vikas Hande, Suhas Boite,Manjri Karve, Shrikant Dhavle, Kalyani Deshpande, Onkar Jadhav,
Pratik Yadav, Ajaz Ahmed, Sumit Salunke, Shailendra Bhadawankar, Subhash Deodhar, Rahul Choudhry, Omkar Gaikwad, Ganesh Kotiye, Ashish Maske, Gangadhar Chavan, Amjad Khan and Ganesh Ghodake.

Music Tushar Totre Co-Producers Ranjit Parmar and Vijay Dhande.

DOP, Sound Design, Editing, Produced, Written, Directed by
Sumit Ranaware

Dusri Duniya | Short Film | 2017

Rohan Sarda
Azim Khan
Sumit Ranaware

Co-Produced by
Vijay Dhande
Ranjit Parmar


Camera and Assistant Director
Vijay Dhande

Sound Design, Subtitle,
Edited and Directed by
Sumit Ranaware


Special Thanks to
Prakash Pujari
Vijay Dhande

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2 Ghante Ka Sapna | Short Film | Eng Sub | 2017




2 Ghante ka Sapna = Dream of Two Hours
Watch now
English Subtitles

Description :
A Story that we all can relate with.
A dream about being with someone.
A dream about becoming like someone.
A dream to prove that you are the one.

Ganesh Ghodake
Sharad Mane
Ganesh Patil
Rohan Sharda
Akashay Sapkal
Monali More
Pooja Khandekar

Child Actors
Prathmesh Warle
Rakshit Poojari
Omkar Salunke

Co-Produced by
Ranjit Parmar
Vijay Dhande

Kevin MacLeod

Script Registered at
Screen Writer Association

Edited and Directed by
Sumit Ranaware

Special Thanks to
Mukundraj Warle
Revti Warle
Vijaya Ranaware
WIPA and
Indian Army


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Loveship (Marathi Indie Film) 

❤❤❤ Wana Know About Loveship ❤❤❤
❤What is Loveship…. Project all about ?

Loveship is a Marathi Low Budget Film…. Written and Directed by Sumit Ranaware.


❤What is the film about ?

It’s a story of college friends…Ceatan and Anjali.

Who meet after 13 years… Anjali is now a married woman and Ceatan is still single.

What happnes next?

Do they again fall in love or decides to remain good friends because of family problems ?

To know…  Watch “Loveship”.


❤When is it releasing and where?

Film will b Completed in 2 weeks,  before the end of Dec.  2016.

It will released on YouTube with English Subtitles.


❤Why should we watch Loveship ?

1. Its a 2nd Feature Film by Sumit Ranaware made in No Budget.

2. Its a touching lovestory of a middle class couples,  which everyone can relate With.

3. All actors worked for free.

4. To support the work of Budding independent filmmaker and Actors.

5. Total there are 15 to 20 Actors in film.


❤ What are the Cast?  other Actors in Film?


Cast –

Sagar Malthankar,

Kalyani Mahatpurikar – Deshpande,

Ganesh Kotiye,

Shrikant Dhavle,

Prasad Suryawanshi,

Sagar Pawar,

Deepkali Meshram,

Manjiri Karve,

Sahil Maragaje,

Umesh Misal,

Rahul Choudhary,

Sanjay Shelke,

Pratik Yadav,

Prasad Bejgamwar,

Savro Patra,

Shreya Bhave,

Sheetal Patil,

Viraj Pawar,

Sumit Ranaware,

Ganesh Godhake,

Vinod Devang,

Ganesh Patil,

Rahul Tupe.




Download Loveship Catlog –  Marathi.


Dracula Untold 2014 – Movie Reviews

☯Dracula Untold 2014 –  Movie Reviews☯

 by Sumit Ranaware may give it 6 stars. 

But the film deserves much more than that. 

Great story,  Awesome special Effects. 

Luke Evans is a great actor n a perfect choice for this role. 

Story –  an emperor,  to save his kingdom n his people,  agrees a deal with a devil to turn vampire for 3 days to fight against his enemies  ,  but for 3 days he has to control over his thirst for blood…….   In his struggle to save his family n kingdom, what problems he face and how he solves it,  is the story all about. 

I must say thank u to the makers.  They brought a wonderful n entertaining story. 


U wont be disappointed after spending 2 hours watching this one.  

I give 8.5 /10.